Subject: Re: Re: Digital Camera in Spain
Hello Fellow Photographers:

I hate to be the anchor to windward here, but I find that the paraphenalia that must accompany the digital camera is a royal pain in the butt. As a result I am not taking my digital on the next trip to Spain, but I am taking my Nikon N70. I am also bulk buying Fuji 35mm film from a place in New York so that I won't care if I shoot the same thing over and over again. When I get back I simply FedEx the rolls to Photoworks and receive back prints (which we wind up making anyway whether the camera is digital or not) and hi-def images on a CD. I hope to make this next trip "Just click it and forget it." (Apologies to Ron Popeil.)

Then again, the new Nikon D70 looks very nice. Tom in Carlisle.