Subject: Re: Digital Camera in Spain
Greetings Ziners and Tom,

First, I believe we should keep in mind that the film vs. digital issue is a matter of personal choice for each of us. Personally, I use and enjoy shooting film. My ISO 100 print film from Kodak or Fuji will outperform any 5 or 6 mega pixel camera, especially if one starts cropping the images a lot.

Keep in mind that if you bring a laptop to store your digital images on, you have one more very expensive item to tempt the thieves. Very few thieves are going to steal 20 rolls of your exposed film, but a laptop with or without your stored images is an inviting topic. With that in mind, I must admit that the small size of a typical digital P&S camera is a big plus when traveling, assuming you are not also dragging a laptop around.

Tom, I have an N75 which I use with a 24-85mm AF-S zoom and a 50mm f/1.4 lens. It's light weight, has a very accurate meter, and has all the control I need to be 'creative'.

Incidentally, I use the 50mm f/1.4 lens almost as much as I use the zoom. It's ability to photograph the inside of historical buildings when flash is prohibited is extremely useful. And, I often get great early morning, evening and night shots with it. In Italy last year I managed a number of very nice night shots of hilltown streets with this lens. The 50mm is also very useful when I need to throw a very distracting background out of focus. Sometimes there is no substitute for the fast glass.

Best Regards, Paul Near Seattle