Subject: Re: Gifts from Paris for the women in my life??
Hi Paul, I would concur with Mark on the choice of Limoges. I have a Limoges replica of a 19th century apothecary jar - labelled Arsenic - which I purchased about 30 years ago (in a W.H. Smith store on the Rue Rivoli of all places) and still enjoy looking at it. It stores earrings. Women love scarves, whether or not they wear them, and they are easy to carry in your luggage so this is also a good bet.

Personally, my choice is soap. The French produce amazing "flavours" of soap - they are inexpensive and can be stored in a drawer before using. For example, I have bought huge olive oil and lavender scented soaps for $4.00 which cost $10.00 here in Canada. Lavender smells wonderful but olive oil is luxurious. If you buy a lot of them, they will be heavy, but you might consider buying a good quality carry bag (straw is the fabric of choice this year) to carry them in on the plane and then give the bag to a special woman in your life.

I'll be heading to France in August and, in addition to some good wine, will be stocking up on soaps to last me until the next France visit. Lucy, Toronto