Subject: Re: Bali, Hong Kong, Macau
Hi Dan, In an earlier message I've already given you my favourite places to stay in Ubud but, for something cheaper - I've got a namecard at home of a place at which we've stopped for a drink on our walks through the paddy fields (although it's very close to the town) - so shall look that up when I get home. You'll find both bus and car (with driver) rental options at the airport and (if it's after you go to Nusa Dua) the resort you are going to will have cars available as well.

For HK that first night, I'd suggest the relatively inexpensive Salisbury YMCA ( - it's a regular hotel, not what a YMCA is like in N.A. and it's right across the street from the harbour in Kowloon, near the Star Ferry. Great location for a quick immersion into the sights and sounds of the city but just an Airport Express (and free hotel shuttle) ride away from the airport (20 + 5 minutes). A similarly priced and well-located place is the BP International House just above Kowloon Park (great place for jet-lagged travellers to wander around and drink up a bit of the 'green side' of HK). Again - the hotel shuttle will take you from the Kowloon Airport Express station directly to your hotel. The rooms are small but comfy and relatively inexpensive. Sorry - in a rush and can't find the hotel's direct website - check on google.

Re. Macau - it's a great day trip from HK - the ferry just takes one hour and you can see a lot of the territory on foot or by their quite efficient public transport. It's a favourite place for us to escape HK. If you did want to stay - can recommend a few places that are wonderful - one on a hill just above the main square is a Tourism College and they have a teaching hotel that is just superb (I was there just last week at a tourism exec. development course and was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the rooms) - that is Pousada Mong Ha. The other is a bit at the other end of the spectrum - the Westin Hotel on the island of Coloane - a very well-appointed resort on the beach. Lovely and quiet - we enjoy the hills around it for hiking. Can also recommend some wonderful Macanese restaurants in Macau if you are interested. I have taken visitors around during the Grand Prix and don't recommend it if you aren't there to watch - it makes certain areas of the city almost inaccessible.

If you'd like to have a GTG - I'd be happy to meet you. I'm going to a conference in Florida around that time, though and want to go to see my son in Toronto on one side or the other of the conf. (going from one part of NA to another, once you've bought the trans-Pacific ticket is almost nothing from HK) but am waiting to see which airline gives the better deal before making a firm booking so...don't know exactly which days I'll be here. Give me a 'shout' through personal email so we can coordinate.

Best regards, Judy in HK

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