Subject: Re: Hotel in Nice, France
Dolores & Ziners, I, along with a group stayed at The Hotel Marina.

It's just 1 block off the beach at 11 rue St. Philippe St. We used it as a rest stop in preparation to go up the mountain to a retreat symposium. There was a group of us both on the coming into the country and departing that stayed here because others studying the same discipine had stayed there in years prior. Prices of course are more in the summer months.

They have no website, but I found, by doing a search on their address, the phone #: 33 (0)4 93 44 54 04 Fax: 33 (0)4 93 97 67 43.

This hotel 37 rooms, on 3 floors, and there is a grocery store across the street, plus many eating places facing the beach on the main through-fare.

It is a small, but friendly group with 1 English speaking person, in the day shift named Phillipe, not certain of the spelling of his name. Someone from our group, in '02, left an item of clothing, and it was saved for our return this year.

The hotel is clean with a variety of sized rooms, some with balconies, and is easy walking distance to the beach, price for the room was 88 - 114 Euros in '03.

It is just 6-10 blocks from an internet cafe. Bus to and from the airport was 2.50 Euros.For the price, the proximity to the beach, and near an airport bus drop off, I thought it was very good.

I used for some of my travels last year, which was unstructured with checking in on internet cafes for internet connection for 6 weeks, at age 61 that was truly an adventure and the other side of anything I had ever done in my life, including being outside of the only country I knew. Trains, and internet cafes are great, I discovered. Along with thanks to some of the members on this group for their advice, recommendations, and referrals.

Naomi West - Dallas TX