Subject: backpack as checked luggage
Greetings, Ziners -

I'm looking for advice from fellow backpackers. In a couple weeks I leave for a trip to Alaska to backpack the Chilkoot trail. The first leg of the trip will be a flight from Dulles to Los Angeles, though, so I'll need to check my backpack and camping equipment. I'm pretty sure it's too large to carry on. In order to keep all the straps, etc. from getting damaged, I was thinking about wrapping it in shipping plastic (like industrial strength Saran wrap), but don't know if that will cause a problem with security. Any suggestions? How have others addressed this issue?

Please note, the pack I'm referring to here isn't a convertible luggage-type backpack, but an internal frame backpack for backwoods hiking/camping.

Thanks in advance, Cindy Harrisonburg, VA