Subject: Re: backpack as checked luggage
Hi Cindy and Ziners,

We pack our backpacks in lightweight (re: no wheels) Eagle Creek duffel bags ($40.00 at our local outdoor store). The duffel's are large enough to carry our packs (usually packed with all equipment), boots, trekking poles, etc. We generally have a small piece of luggage with city clothes for the 2+ nights we spend in the city. We stuff our duffel's in our city bags and leave the city luggage at our base hotel. We have made arrangements to follow this same routine during our trek to Machu Picchu as well as our early fall trek through the Canadian Rockies. Our friends generally use x-large rolling duffel's to carry both camping and city stuff. We have just made the plunge but are concerned about duffel size and weight.

The tape idea to secure straps and buckles sounds interesting but I would contact the airlines before attempting this method. In the last few years, we have had to open our packs for security, the tape could prove challenging.

Hope you have an incredible trip!! Beverly Knoxville, TN