Subject: Re: New member in Australia
Hi Deb and welcome to the Zine, Your choices of where to go are so varied that I'm sure Ziners will have plenty of suggestions. As you will see from past messages, Italy is one of the favourite travel spots for Ziners.

To help you narrow your search, perhaps you could tell us how much time you would spend on your travels and what types of activities you prefer. Art? Food? Sports? Ancient sites? Train travel or car? All of these and more? Of course, Italy has it all.

We would love to have you visit Canada which is such huge country that you could choose a region and explore in depth. From Melbourne, fly to Vancouver and spend some time in British Columbia and Alberta, or to Toronto/Montreal and visit Ontario and Quebec.

Kathmandu is a great place to visit and you could combine it with a trip to another country such as Thailand or China - flights are cheap.

Tell us more and happy planning. Lucy, Toronto