Subject: Where in the world would you like to live?
Hi Ziners, Many of us have our idea of the perfect vacation and sometimes we end up in the perfect place - the place we'd settle in if and when the circumstances are right.

I'm torn between choosing Banff, Alberta, right here in Canada, and somewhere in France, for different reasons. Banff, to my mind, is the most beautiful spot on earth. An added bonus is that it's right here in my home country so I'd continue to enjoy all the benefits of home - familiar language, food, customs, health care, etc. and could ski every day of the year.

On the other hand, French food is tremendous and living among the wineries of southern France in my renovated farmhouse, surrounded by fields of lavender would be heaven. My French language skills would improve and although it's a different country, there's enough resemblance to Quebec (my home province) that I wouldn't feel out of place.

Where's your dream place to live and why? Lucy, Toronto