Subject: Re: Where in the world would you like to live?

It's funny, tho I sign my Ziner posts with "In Eugene but never for long", I truly love my hometown. I actually live across the river from Eugene in what used to be a little town. It's temperate rainforest, quirky politics, over-the-top gardening, close to some of the lovliest beaches in the US, wonderful hiking & camping & a great place for the Most Precious Grandchildren to grow up.

Unfortunately, the travel bug is pretty insidious, so I'm always testing the truth of the above sentiment.

My close second is absolutely Cairns, Australia: the rainforest (& it's warm, unlike our chilly temperate rainforest), the Reef, the relaxed outdoor lifestyle, the wonderful people, the eclectic eateries.

Third is Scotland, especially the Outer Hebrides & the Isle of Barra. I love the edge-of-the-world feeling, the nearness to the wild things of nature, the make-do attitude.

Don't you busy traveling Ziners find yourself thinking, when you visit someplace new or even old...."I bet I could live here..."?

The only place, in all my travels, I have never felt this (sorry, Judy!) is Hong Kong, but just about every place on every continent has called to me in some way to linger a while.

Gail In Eugene but never for long