Subject: Re: Where in the world would you like to live?
Hi Ziners! This may change once I go to Italy in the Fall, but right now I think I would have to say Hilton Head Island, SC. I've been going there almost every summer since my first trip in 1990. I absolutely love it there! The beaches, the grounds and landscapes, it is truly beautiful!! We have great friends that are lucky enough to actually live on the Island, so our trips are always a great time to catch up with each others' lives. There are the "old favorite" restaurants that you want to make sure you visit and then there are always new restaurants you want to try out.

For the sports lover there's golf, tennis, bike paths for either cycling or rollerblading...or just a walk on the beach....I think it would be awesome to come home from work, and be able to go for a relaxing walk on the beach to wind down after a day at the office.

We usually go in the month of May and I can tell you once January comes and our condo is booked, we are counting the weeks, then days until we leave!

Joyce - Montreal