Subject: Re: Where in the world would you like to live?
Hi Lucy and other Ziners!

That's a good question. I suddenly find myself footloose and fancy free, so have been considering where and when and if I would want to move out of the Bay area. Have thought of two possibilities: one is Ashland Oregon, a lovely little college town but with cultural activities: Shakespeare Festival and Britt Festival; close to SF and Portland, so you can get out of town. Wonderful, wonderful Lithia Park. Cost of living is reasonable compared to CA. Been interested in moving there since my college days at Eugene, Oregon.

The other place is Ljubljana, Slovenia. It is a lovely old town with a castle overlooking it, a small Prague without all the tourists and auslanders around. Less commercial - or it was several years ago. English was commonly spoken. The food was good. There were cultural activities as well as an active political life as it is the capital of Slovenia. People were friendly and charm abounds. When there, I thought: I could live here. Still remember the stay there foundly.

I am going to Ashland in July for several days to take in the theatre and look around. May return to Ljubljana next year to check it out again.

Cheers! Jo, in Sunnyvale