Subject: Baltic cruise
Hi Ziners, I am exploring Baltic cruises for June 2005 and need some help, ideas and suggestions. I've read past messages but I have some stringent criteria because the main purpose of this trip is to visit St. Petersburg with my 75 year old mother-in-law so this will not be a strenuous trip. Holland America seems to offer the best choice though Candice is currently on a Princess Cruise Line trip and will have lots to say about it when she returns. Celebrity also visits the Baltic.

Our criteria are comfort, high quality food and service, knowledgeable crew, and well-organized, trouble-free land tours.

I'd like to hear from Ziners who have cruised these waters and from Ziners who have visited St. Petersburg, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Talinn and Gdansk for ideas on day trips that are welcoming to a senior who doesn't want to exert herself too much.

There have been some posts on Copenhagen, which I have read, but I also need suggestions for a good hotel.

I'll appreciate anything you can offer. Lucy, Toronto