Subject: Re: Where in the world would you like to live?

To add to this "where in the world" discussion, my middle sister recently retired & up & moved house after many years in Santa Clara, California, to Lewiston, Idaho where we went to high school. She thinks she's in heaven! She loves the politics, the windswept hills, the old house she's bought, the antiquing up on the prairie, the change of seasons & the pace of life.

She went to uni in Boston, Seattle, New York & Madrid. She's been deported from Spain, jailed in Colombia & Turkey, owned her own plane for years, flies everything from Cessnas to C130's for the Coast Guard, & has seen more of the world than even we intrepid Ziners have seen, yet Lewiston is her place. She claims she can practice the bagpipes up there & it doesn't bother anyone. I wish I could get her to share some of her tales with us, but alas, she's not the chatty kind.

Gail In Eugene but never for long