Subject: Re: Where in the world would you like to live?
Hi Ziners!

I agree with Gail - almost every place that I go gives me that feeling of 'wouldn't it be nice to live here'! will probably be a surprise to hear that, after struggling for ages to figure out where we will spend our retirement, my husband and I have pretty well decided that we'll stay right here (with a trip here and there to our other favourite places (because it's relatively cheap to fly anywhere from here).

No offense taken if you didn't feel like HK could be home, Gail - because my guess is that you only saw the Hong Kong that 99% of tourists see....harbour, tall buildings, and crowds. And...I agree there! But - 74% of Hong Kong is actually rolling hills and country parks and we live right in the middle of a beautiful Country Park. Yesterday was a holiday (Dragon Boat Day) and we hiked down to the sea, then came back and swam in our small pool, watching the monkeys jumping in the trees above us and the hundreds of beautiful butterflies float around us. Heaven!

Other places that will get our retirement dollars are Ubud (Bali), Chiang Mai (Thailand), and many wonderful places in Japan. We will, of course, also spend a month or two in Canada seeing our kids (and.....maybe.....grandkids)!

Cheers! Judy in Hong Kong