Subject: Re: Where in the world would you like to live?
Hello Ziners:

I just got back from a couple of days on the water, far from email and discovered this wonderful thread upon my return. Right where I am works for me, but with a couple of variations (all tied to the northern hemisphere) this could work. Cape Cod, Massachusetts in the summer is simply delightful. Of course, there are parts of Vermont that could beckon us also. Late spring and early fall could easily lure us to Spain and Scotland. The dead of winter means skiing in the Rockies or in the Pyrenees. Then we have the grandchildren to consider and all of our friends who really define who you are (including our friends on the Zine), so I have decided that my (not necessarily Jan's) schedule is as follows:

January 1st to February 15th: Pyrenees skiing. February 16th to March 31st: Rockies skiing. (A couple of days in Vermont could be worked in here). April 1st to May 15th: Southern France, Italy and Spain. May 16th to September 15th: Cape Cod. September 16th to November 20th: England and Scotland. November 21st or thereabouts, Disney World for Thanksgiving. December 1 to December 31st: Home in Carlisle for Christmas.

That boils down to having to own at least six residences. I am lagging seriously behind.

Tom in Carlisle at the moment.