Subject: Re: Where in the world would you like to live?
Hi Ziners, I saw this topic this morning and followed it all day. What a great thread.

I have lots of places where we still want to go and explore but I can say for sure that I already live in my favorite place in the world.

I know I have to live in a city (I have lived 10 years on a farm so I know from where I speak. I know I have to live someplace where 90% of the year it is cool (no heat). After growing up in Palm Springs, CA and living there for 20 years with a father who did not believe in air conditioning (He and my Mom still live there and don't use theirs) I absolutely hate any temperature over 65 degrees. And as much as I love the countries we have visited (especially Italy and Canada) I am a US American through and through. So that leaves me with New England or the Northwest. And here I am in the Seattle area. My wife and I have always said that if for some reason we had to leave Seattle the only other places we would want to live might be Portland, OR or Vancouver, BC. Beyond that, I don't know. My favorite city in the world to visit is Venice outside the US and NYC here in the US but I am not sure if I could live in either of them.

Keep this thread going folks, it's a good one. Jim in Redmond, WA