Subject: Re: Travel in Spain
Hi Etta,

Personally I like Seville and Granada in Andulucia. It is easy to get to Seville from Madrid by the highspeed AVE. Features in Seville are the Cathedral, Sultan's Palace not too mention the lovely old town. From there you can get to Granada by train also to see the Alhambra which is will take your breath away. To really do it right I would recommend you stay in the Parador right on the grounds, at least for one night although it isn't cheap, as you can get a really good chance to see the Ahlambra before the crowds get there.

I believe Madrid's 3 major art muesuems (Prado, Renia Sofia, Bysmore-Thesuem) are currently under renovation so I don't know how good they would be right now to see.

Anyway good luck and enjoy! Tom, London, Canada

P.S. I originally got the recommendation from TheTravelzine to go to Granada which was the highlight of my trip (Thanks again!).