Subject: Re: International Mobile Phones
Tom, Your reply was much appreciated. I called AT&T and T-Mobile to check what was available for me and got the same answer. They have tri-band phones, but alas I'm in an area not serviced by them. There's only roaming capabilities. I live in Madison WI. One would have thought we'd have service here, but no. They both won't sell me a phone for this reason, even tho I only want it for int'l use and would be happy to wait until I got local service so the phone was useful in the US. I'd even drop my Sprint service for the sheer joy of having one phone for use in the US and abroad. So, sadly, I'm back to ground zero. Yes, I could rent one, but I travel so much that I'd have to spend a lot of money many times a year. I'll stick with my Nokia 3310, which is good in some countries, and use Internet/email for my lifeline elsewhere, until Madison becomes an area serviced by the above companies, or Nextel or others.

Thanks again.

Joan Peterson