Subject: Alitalia Airlines news

Alitalia, majority-owned by the Italian government, is in financial difficulty. They would like to be able to join Air France / KLM's Skyteam partnership, but need some stability first.

As reported today in Travel Weekly, a reliable industry publication, the Italian government has agreed to guarantee a loan thought to be around $485 million USD to the ailing airline. The loan would still needs to be approved by the EC, which is trying to enforce a ban on government-guaranteed loans. The loan would be for restructuring the airline to avoid bankruptcy. No one would like to see another failure like Sabena or Swissair. (You must register as a Guest to read articles at this Travel Weekly site)

Closer to home, United Airlines' application for government-guaranteed loans was rejected for the second time. They may try for a third application. They need the loan to come out of Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Here's an update from Forbes:

The skies are troubled today.

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