Subject: Re: Travel in Spain
Hello Etta,

Spain is a great country. You can walk there for a months. You go there at the hottest time and you'll share that with many others.

But still I think that you can enjoy the beaches of Catalunya or to go to the North. Don't even think about visiting the inner parts like Sevilla, Cordoba, Madrid, Toledo, Segovia, etc. The temperatures can climb to 40-45 C!!! At the same time, the beaches of Catalunya (Costa Brava or Costa Dourada) or of Andalaucia (Costa del Sol) can be more refreshing. Choosing the stay on Balearic islands can be a good solutions. If you want some less touristic place - than go to the Menorca island. By the way, in Malaga on Costa del Sol there is a great festival from the mid of August (14-15). It'll last for a week, deep into the night with a lot of traditional dresses and music. Really unforgettable experience, called Feria de Malaga.

Enjoy your trip, Alex Elbert, Jerusalem Israel