Subject: Travel in Spain
Dear Ziners,

Thanks very much for your tips on where to go in Spain. I spent 4 months in Spain in the early 70s and managed to see quite a bit of the country. So I do have a sense of how very hot it can get in the summer especially in the interior. I nearly fried in Madrid in mid-July and as Albert mentioned it can even be hotter in places like Sevilla and Cordoba. Most of my time was spent in Benidorm on the Costa Blanca with a lot of side trips down the coast to the Costa del Sol and to places like Jerez and Granada.

The only place Paul has been to in Spain is Barcelona (which we both loved) when we took an overnight side trip from our stay in the South of France a few years ago. I would definitely go back to Barcelona, but given the short amount of time we have and the fact that we won't be renting a car, we have to make some decisions as to how far afield we want to travel. I think we are leaning towards heading to a coastal area as Paul will have spent most of the first 5 days in lectures etc. The question is which area?

Lucy you mention that the Cost del Sol is overcrowded and overdeveloped. It was like that in 1970 but I imagine it must have gotten even worse. Even the Costa Blanca around Benidorm and Alicante was filled with high rises then, although there were some lovely little towns and villages around there. Does anyone have any favourite coastal village/resort town that they can recommend and also a hotel or place to stay?

Etta in Toronto