Subject: Re: Paris on your own
diana and ziners,

i've found paris to be a very easy place to be alone--in that although it's lovely to share the oohs and ahs with friends, the city also seems to offer itself as your company. on the days that i drift by myself, i've never felt self-conscious stepping into a cafe or brasserie on my own. that having been said, there are certain spots that lend themselves to that more easily than others.

i highly recommend the cafe/bar/resto le fumoir during the's right across from the louvre, on amiral coligny (if you come out of the louvre-rivoli metro stop, just turn towards the seine and trot down 1 block), they have hot chocolate from heaven and international newspapers and journals and it's a lovely spot where i always sit back and think, this is the life, whether in a solo contemplative mood or in a supersocial situation.

i also think, if you need to get away from it all, there are some awesome movie houses in paris, worth it to visit even if you don't spend precious hours watching a movie you could see at home (i find it a great way to reenergize and relax, but to each his/her own travel priorities). my two favorites are studio 28, in montmartre (metro abbesses or blanche), on rue burq, i think. and la pagode near varenne (right around the corner from the rodin museum) in the 7th. both create a different universe for you, not just in their programming (which is terrific, nice mix of big commercial movies, art house flicks and retrospectives) but also in the arrangement and decor of the space itself--magic.

all best, in paris--but packing up to head back stateside, and already nostalgic, jeannine