Subject: Re: Paris on your own
Jeannine and Ziners,

I too agree that Paris is one of the easiest cities to be alone it. And for women, it's nice not to get hassled or feel second rate going into a restaurant alone. You'll see many Parisian women dining alone in restaurants, especially at lunch. LaDuree is a great place to dine alone.

Jeannine, I agree with you about the movies. I LOVE going to the movies in Paris. Why? Because french audiences are so polite! They don't talk through the movies and if something is funny, they chuckle buit don't laugh so hard you miss the next line. A few years ago I read an article by a woman who mived to Paris and she had been there for 6 months and she wrote that her favorite thing was going to the movies in Paris because she found the experience so delightful. So, you're not alone! :-)

Candice NYC (in Oslo today, Zurich tomorrow)