Subject: Food glorious food!
Hi Ziners,

An interesting article from the New York Times about pizza in Naples. Evidently there are new rules and definitions about pizza if it is to be real Neapolitan pizza!

Then the other day I read an article by Chowhound about ethnic eating in the Toronto area: And a follow-up article about chowhounding in London, Ontario:

Food and travel seem to go together. I recall memorable bistrot meals in Paris; ice cream (gelato) in Rome and San Gimignano; wonderful cheeses in markets; cappuccini with a pretty foam pattern on the top in Cinque Terre; rosemary flavoured creme brulee in Mdina, Malta. I have had times when I've been too adventurous (squid in black ink in Venice - I swapped dinners with my husband!).

Tell us about your favorites!

Frances Toronto, Canada