Subject: GTG Calendar
Hello, Ziners!

It's a wondrous thing when cyber connections produce real life Get Togethers, or GTGs! Check out the GTG Calendar today to see what you can add to it:

The idea behind the GTG Calendar is convenience. With all GTG information in one place, you can easily obtain details about a GTG that has already been planned, or post your interest in planning a GTG either as a traveler or as a host to Ziners coming your way. Otherwise, you must perform a search of the message archives.

To make the GTG Calendar work, please follow these simple steps:

1. Announce the details of your GTG or your interest in a GTG by posting a message to the Zine. It is important to include "GTG" in the Subject line of your message, e.g., "London GTG August 2004." When you mention a GTG within the body of a post on another Subject, e.g., "London Questions," the GTG opportunity may be overlooked.

2. At the same time you post your message to the Zine, please email me at diana@ (close space after@) so I can update the GTG Calendar. While I make every effort to follow the daily flow of messages for mention of GTGs, I do miss things.

Of course, the Ziners back home want to hear all about your GTG! Don't forget to send an event report to the Zine and a picture of your group GTG'ing to Don & Linda for posting at

Happy GTG'ing!

Diana Ball - Volunteer Keeper of the GTG Calendar near Houston, Texas