Subject: Re: Warsaw and Krakow
Hi Georgia - and everyone else!

Pozan and Krakow are the two places I do want to visit. Both are interesting and picturesque places. And also Pozan was my husband's grandfather's birthplace - I would be curious if other family members were around. He never wanted to go there and I always did - I think the fact it was Polish rather than German threw him off as he viewed himself as of German extraction. (Pozan was one of those places that the Poles and Germans traded around. Often viewed as part of old Prussia.) Warsaw I added for it would be a convenient place to fly out of.

I have contacted the Polish National Tourist office ( and American Travel Abroad ( for info - both also have websites: and The tourist office puts out all sorts of stuff on the cities and ways to get around and hotels - I have some material from the late 90s when I tried to orchestrate a trip for the two of us. I haven't contacted Eurorail yet - sometimes the countries have better deals if you're a Senior or willing to go 2nd class.

Figure I would be going in the Winter or early spring. Depends on what I can work out with this and other trips that are in the hopper.


jo, still in Sunnyvale!