Subject: Re: Food
Ziners, Food is a big part of our travels as well. San Sebastian Spain for Tapas (pinxtos) Any Bouchon in Lyon France Leone de Lyon in Lyon. Michelin starred and amazing. La Filoma in Parma Tournevento in Neive (outside Alba) La Vigne in Chianti Poggio Antico in Montalcino Pastise de Belem in Lisbon (Belem) for the custard cakes Gramercy Tavern NYC Then of course any number of great picnics with supplies from Markets. Florence= The market or Rosticieria's nearby Venice = All the shops around the Rialto market. Madrid = Mallorca (shop name) or any number of small food shops in the same area. Provence (the east end) any market in any town during the summer. Plus the Pizza trucks all over the place. We preferred it to even Naples pizza. So thin and crisp and made to order out of a van. I will look over my notes and post specifics later.

Happy Trails, David West California U.S.A.