Subject: Re: All Inclusive Resorts - anyone?

Tho I'm not much of a resort type, I did go to an all-inclusive on the Riviera Maya with my son, d-i-l & 5-year-old granddaughter last October.

We wanted little Kylie's first intro to Mexico to be simple, fuss-free & it was! The Viva Azteca has 3 restaurants, poolside cafe, kids' activities, salsa dance lessons, all the stuff you could want. She ate everything in sight, swam in pools & ocean & her parents could enjoy adult activities at night while we were in bed early & exhausted.

We met a couple from England there with their 6-year-old & they raved about the bargain it was for them. They were staying 2 weeks!

We found it to be a good value for the money. I'd go again with the little ones.

Gail In Eugene but never for long