Subject: Re: Food glorious food!
Hi Ziners, Lucy, you have made my mouth water at 5:18 in the AM. Amazing. And yes, I agree, even living here in Seattle, nothing is like that first cup of coffee on your first morning in Europe. I can remember like it was yesterday, my first morning in Venice and the knock coming on the door to our room and it was the owner with the best coffee I have ever had in my life.

I would have to throw in my faves as well. Wild Boar and a bottle of Amarone at Buca Lapi in Firenze, a thrown together dinner of wine, bread, grapes and cheese in a hotel courtyard in Monreal, Sicily with newly met friends from all over, the tasting menu at Diva at the Met in Vancouver, BC, the Graystone CIA dining room (Culinary Institute of America) in the Napa Valley, Christmas enchiladas almost anywhere in Santa Fe and so much more.

Thanks for the great topic. Jim in Redmond, WA