Subject: Re: Food glorious food!
Hi Frances and Ziners,

My most memorable meal was at Toto's in Florence. We ordered grilled veal which I believe they fix on a brick grill in the restaurant. The result was the juiciest, most tender and best tasting steak I have ever had. It helped that I had been eating pasta for a week and was ready for some beef!

A funny story about Toto's. My parents from the USA had been living overseas and my father's company had an office in Florence so they were frequently in the city. Toto's was a favorite stop. One night as they were finishing dinner my father asked the waiter to give him "the bad news", meaning the check.

The waiter politely nodded and then went to the back of the restaurant where the other waiters stood as they watched their tables. A discussion in Italian ensued and my parent heard "Badda news?!" "Badda news?!" "OH! Badda news!" and much laughter. The waiter then walked to my parents' table and with a flourish, presented my father with the check, saying "Sir, your badda news!"

Jennnie (Who would rather be in Florence right now!)