Subject: Re: All Inclusive Resorts - anyone?
Hello everyone,

Lucille asked "Has anyone experienced an All Inclusive, and did you find the (usual considerable) cost,generally Per Person Per Night a value, all things considered?"

Many years ago I stayed at Club Med in Tahiti (Bora Bora) and also in Malaysia (before marriage and before children). In those days I was prepared to travel by myself, for example to Europe, but for those particular destinations, Club Med worked well for me. I enjoyed not having to think about meals. There were people to talk to and eat meals with: it can be quite disconcerting to travel alone and not have anyone to share the experience with or anyone who even cares how you are feeling that day. I thought the Club Med rates were excellent value for money - I really enjoyed dinghy sailing and did it at home - it was marvellous to be able to use their boats, windsurfers etc and not think about the cost.

The party atmosphere was not one I wished to participate in particularly and it was well away from where people slept. I felt no compunction to join in activities I did not choose to.

The settings of the resorts were superb - in Bora Bora there were rooms (bures?) right over the lagoon just as the more famous and definitely more expensive Hotel Bora Bora.

The cost to me seemed really reasonable and good value.

Regards, Anne Canberra, Australia