Subject: Weekend Getaways | All inclusive resorts | Anse Chastenet
Hello Ziners,

A looooong time ago I was invited to a wedding in London while living in New York. Some close friends were marrying. Since work schedule was tight we decided to go for the weekend. Left on a Thurs and returned on a Sunday. What I remembered most was feeling so jet lagged that it was doubly hard to understand the brit accent!! Made me feel like one heck of jet setter though (even though London prices were nowhere near to what they are now).

On the all inclusive resorts. I spent a week at the opening of the Club Med Bermuda. Value was excellent but the party scene did not suit me. Wonderful to have everything at arm's length - I was traveling alone - but it made me lazy and barely explored Bermuda. Don't think I'd do it again unless in a differend type of resort.

Lucy, spent 10 days in Anse Chastenet - St. Lucia - when it was not an all inclusive resort. Are the rooms still open on one side? Is the elephant on the beach still there? Are the two Pitons (extinct volcanoes) as much as a sight as before?

Lidia in Los Angeles but always traveling in my mind