Subject: Alone in Paris
Hi Ziners,

I want to thank all of you who were so kind as to give me information on what to do in Paris on my own. This information is very helpful, and I've printed out all the messages to refer to.

I do have some questions, though. First, I notice that the Marais walk starts at the St. Paul metro station, and one of you mentioned there being a place in the Marais called Village St. Paul. Is that near the station?

Also, someone mentioned the roof of La Samaritiane as being a good place for a panoramic view of Paris. I've heard that before, but I've also heard that access to the roof is no longer allowed. Is this accurate?

I'm very glad to hear, also, that the cinemas in Paris are recommended as being especially enjoyable, as you don't get the rowdy crowds there like you do here in the U.S. I hate to go to movies here for that reason. I understand Les Halles (within walking distance of my hotel) has 20 cinemas. Do you recommend those? And anything else at Les Halles, such as restaurants and shops?

I'm glad to hear, too, that Paris Walks comes highly recommended, as I definitely plan to do at least one or two. In fact, I think it's a perfect way to be with people if you don't want to walk around Paris alone; AND you also have a guide giving you insider information, which I love.

Diana San Diego, California