Subject: Re: Re: security for tourists in Israel
Hi, Carol and Ziners,

I totally agree with Debbie, and I am not Israeli. I am actually sad that my son-in-law's 3-year work assignment in Israel ends next week. I have thoroughly enjoyed my quarterly visits to Israel for the last 3 years. Not once did I come even remotely into contact with any of the incidents we are bombarded with on the news.

On every visit, when the grandkids were not in school, (and even when they were supposed to be,) we picked a different area to tour, even if only for a day or two. Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, the Arava, Eilat, the Yam Kineret, and north to Akko and Rosh Hanikra. Although anything can happen anywhere, we never felt threatened.

I usually left for the overnight flight from work. My husband accompanied me every other time. My coworkers always asked whether I was nervous about flying there. I always answered that I was apprehensive about the drive to the airport, but relaxed about the flight and the visit.

One last thing. My children loved living there. Again, as Debbie mentioned, the grandkids could walk home alone at night and their parents wouldn't have to worry. Have a great time and enjoy!

Shalom, from Carrie in Bardonia, N.Y.