Subject: Re: security for tourists in Israel
Dear Deborah, Alex, Carrie, & Debbie,

I appreciate all the different perspectives on Israel. That's why our Travelzine is so valuable. We can have a discussion & share opinions & ideas for the benefit of all the members. Then, as informed people, we become travelers, not just tourists checking off another site on our "to do" list. We, in our travels, help each other understand a bit more about the world we live in. And, thanks, Alex, for the kind words about America. I think many people in the world misunderstand & are suspicious of our giving & open/gregarious nature.

And, Deborah, I like the idea of a private van tour & will investigate that idea further. I have traveled on my own in many countries but when I went to Egypt in Jan. with my niece, we had a private tour with guide & driver. It was very inexpensive & we got to see the sites we wanted to see without having a busload of tourists with us. I'm glad to hear that the Israeli guides are so knowledgeable. That was true in Egypt, as well. That made our trip very enjoyable.

Thanks again for all the wonderful information & informed views of life in Israel.

Carol Bailey Priest Lake, Idaho