Subject: Re: Florence Museums
Hello Ziners, I have an added suggestion for museums in Florence. I agree about the Uffizi, the Pitti Palace and the Accademia--all are marvelous, as is the Bargello if you like sculpture.

I have been to the Uffizi several times. While I enjoy wandering there and taking my time with a catalogue in hand, the last two times I have been there, I did not have time for this. Also this was the first trip for the friend I was traveling with and there was much to show her.

In the Uffizi and the Pitti Palace we rented audio guides. These take you from room to room and explain the highlights in each. The information is interesting and well worth the cost. This was also helpful since museum workers were on a one-day strike when we had our reservations so we could not spend the time we might have on the day we ended up going to the Uffizi. Either get reservations ahead of time or go very early. Right now reservations have to picked up across the courtyard from the entrance, but that may be OK. We also had reservations for the Accademia--on the strike day. We did not make it there on another day. It was my friend's choice to do what we had originally planned instead of going there. It is a wonderful place to see. Not only is the David magnificent, but so is Michelangelo's Pieta there and his other works. Speaking of Pieta's by Michelangelo, another of his is kept in the Duomo Musem behind the church. This is the one he put himself into. The "arty types" would certainly enjoy this museum too. I do and I don't consider myself very arty--just interested.

This started out just to be about using audio guides, but after 8 trips to Florence and 9 to Rome, I get carried away!

Ciao, Joan from Rockford