Subject: Re: Gifts from Paris for the women in my life??
Hi Paul--

You may have left by now, I'm tardy reading my mail. Last year I stopped at a shop I had seen advertised in National Geographic Travel and bought nice but not expensive embroidered bags and towels for gifts. They had guest towels, bags to put shoes in while traveling, bags for potpourrie, tablecloths and a line of body lotions and soaps. The towels had flowers embroidered with the name in french and the bags were of various designs. I think I spent between $10 and $20. My problem is that I can't remember if it was on Boul Mich or St. Germain. I'll check my receipts. If you want to email me privately I'll get the information for you.

I wish I were in Paris.

Have fun, Barb in Grand Rapids