Subject: Re: security for tourists in Israel
shalom carol,

you wrote about a trip to israel & egypt in january 2005. i might add to all of the other lovely thoughts that others have mentioned that january might not be the best month to come here. it is the rainy season, the days are still somewhat short and it can even be cool or cold in jerusalem. people in jerusalem are dressed in the same exact gear that we wore in minneapolis. i have to laugh since to me it is a minnesota spring!!

alex mentioned international buses in his post. i wonder if he did not mean the intercity buses that are protected and secured by guards and inspections. israel is surrounded by egypt, jordan, saudia arabia and syria and it is a pity but there are definitely no international buses to these countries.

we will try to have a get-together especially for you when you visit.

all the best, bettina, in a very, very hot jerusalem