Subject: Priceline Question

I've never used Priceline, generally not my style. However, with Michelle getting a good 4 star hotel in London for $75.a night, that really gets my attention.

That said, I have another question about the process....

We'll be in London for 5 nights. However, we MIGHT decide to take a train out of London and stay at a friends home for one or two nights. We won't be deciding that until a couple of weeks before we go in September - it depends on our friend's travel schedule.

That said, how would we work Priceline? Would we book for 3 nights and then ask the hotel for an extention of a night or two? Anyone have this experience? Would they honor the Priceline rate? If we booked 5 nights and then only stayed 3 or 4, would we have to "eat" the fee we paid for the other 2 nights and not get any refund?

Thanks for any suggestions.

Candice NYC