Subject: Re: Priceline Question
Hi Candice:

I can't answer the prceline question - I've never used them

BUT, I find pretty good deals on hotels through the airlines's packages. I'm going to London in Nov via BritAir and have booked at the Regent Palace through them - you wouldn't be interested in that particular hotel as it's budget - but BA Holidays has scads of other and nicer hotels on their list for reasonable prices. I'm sure Virgin Atlantic and United provide the same services. In fact, I did the Regent Palace through United on the last trip.

(For what it's worth, I'm paying $550 for seven nights with English breakfast - and it's right at the Picadilly tube! Must admit I used a $100 discount from a BritAir ad encouraging booking via Internet!)

Good luck - and enjoy London!

jo, clipping roses in sunny Sunnyvale but off to Ashland and Seattle next week!