Subject: Ryanair - Prices in England
Hello frugal travelers -

We just returned from Europe and flew Ryanair twice. Once from Glasgow, Scotland to Frankfurt, Germany and again from Frankfurt to London.

Even though I had read they can be pretty difficult to deal with, if you read and following their directions, we found there was absolutely no problem at all and the people themselves were very nice. They have everything down to a science including transportation to and from the airports they use, which are not your usual ones and are a bit out of the way.

Yes, they are strict on the weight of your luggage, but they are very up front about about the limit being 14 kilos on checked luggage in the information with which they provide you. However, we found at Prestwick Airport (Glasgow) in Scotland and Frankfurt-Hahn in Germany, they didn't weigh the carry on even though they clearly state there is a limit of 7 kilos. I can't guarantee this is the usual, but this was our experience.

Also, I learned from their Security they do not allow extra plastic electrical ties (used in place of locks on luggage) to be carried in your carry on. Reason: Such ties could be used as hand cuffs. They took them all, but fortunately none of our regular locks were cut during our travels.

Also, if anyone is planning to travel to Scotland, the prices are equally as exorbitant as they are in England. Example: At Burger King - so you can relate we figured this one out - the cost of two Whoppers with super sized fries and drinks would come to about $18 U.S. It was nothing for us to spend $30 or $40 for a lunch and thought we were fortunate to pay this for the two of us. Also, cigarettes from a machine costs about $9 (5 British pounds sterling) but this doesn't stop them from puffing away. A soft drink from a machine is $1.81 (1 British pound sterling).

As much as I love England, it's just priced itself way out of our budget for us to return unless things change. We also heard that the Brits come over here for shopping sprees since things are so much cheaper here.

Frugally yours, Rose - Los Angeles