Subject: Re: Ryanair - Prices in England
Hi Rose,

I recently went to England and Edinburgh and I paid 1.65 BP for pop at pop machines. I just tried not to think of the conversion rate as I was having fun sight seeing. It is very expensive but the next time I venture over to Europe I am going to arrange my itinerary to take advantage of the excellent prices that are offered by Ryan Air as well as other companies like theirs. I paid close to $570.00 for an 8 day in two month Rail Pass which has additional fees that you pay on top. Knowing what I know now there is no way I would ever take a train in Europe again.

On the weight limits they are very nice about it. I was around 20 kilos on my back pack (I was staying for 3 months) is all they asked me to do was to check my luggage the next time or they would have to charge me extra for exceeding the weight limit on baggage. I will agree with you the service I got was better on the two carries I used than on my flights around Europe than it was on United. Which had the worst service I ever got from a carrier. Not to mention the overbooking of flights that I encountered when I started my journey.