Subject: Re: Prices in England
Hi Peter and Ziners,

I don't think we probably ate 'local,' as we only ate at one pub, but we did stop at a couple tea places for lunch, one lunch was at the Chelsea Psychic Gardens and one at Harrods. Had dinner at St. Martin's in the Crypt two or three times. We tried to eat frugally while we were in both London and Paris in May. We didn't eat at any Burger Kings, McDonald's, etc., but we did go to Starbucks for coffee. We really like Costa when you get a good one, but find they aren't as consistent in the quality of their coffee as Starbucks. Starbucks tastes the same here at home and in England. Did local coffee and tea in Paris (where everything was as expensive as it was in England). I find Rose's pricing pretty much on the mark with what we spent.

Happy traveling to all, Peggy * SW OH