Subject: Re: Prices in England
Rose and fellow Ziners,

I agree that pubs are the way to go to save $$$. Why spend the equivalent of $18.00 on a meal for two at Burger King when you can have, for example, a Sunday "roast" (beef, pork, lamb and sometimes chicken depending on what's on that night) with all the fixings for about 5 pounds each? And what is more typically English? On our last trip to England, I found that even the London grocery stores were expensive - at Sainsbury's, a bottle of Perrier, two apples and a chocolate bar and very little change from my 5 pound note! Prices in Cornwall were generally more reasonable.

Tea at Starbucks is a favourite wherever I find one (even in the U.S.) because of the steamed water that infuses the tea bag and brings out the flavour. English tea is too strong for my taste. It's always amusing for me when I overhear the B and B owners tell the servers about the guest who wants her tea bag "passed over the water". They find it quite amusing and it becomes a breakfast conversation topic.

Lucy, in rainy cold Toronto (where is summer; it sure isn't here)