Subject: Re: phone card usage anywhere in the world
Dear David and other Ziners,

On our last trip to Paris in February, I tried something new in phoning from Europe. We bought a $20.00 phone card from Costco in the States and was amazing.

The access is very easy and the price is right! Check with them to call to the States from anywhere. Your access code gets you into Sprint and it's very, very easy. Connection is fast and it's very cheap. I believe it's about $.29 from France or less (but I'm not positive.) To call all over the USA, it's 3-cents a minute.

You can add $$$ to the card via the phone from anywhere in the US and before each call, a recording states how many minutes you have left on your card. I believe the cards come in $20 or $40 denominations and you can add any amount with a credit card.

Regards to all, Susie Newton, MA