Subject: Re: Ryanair - Prices in England
Hello Ziners with interest in visiting England,

I, too, just recently returned from England. However, while we know the dollar is like play money, and English prices are high, we did find lots of ways to save on meals without feeling we were missing anything. I was very happy to find so many great "bistro-" and "brasserie-type" places, rarely seen on earlier trips. One, I believe it was called Cafe Brasserie, was within a block of Victoria Station, and we had lovely evening meals on white linens, including a glass of wine, for about 18 - 20 GBP each. Lunch at Nico's on Sloan Square was delicious, and a nice, relaxing atmosphere, for 22 GBP for the two of us, again with a glass of wine. Yes, more than I normally spend at home, but we went without expecting bargains, and we thoroughly enjoyed every meal, including the picnics from Sainsbury's Grocery (usually in our hotel room when we had had a hearty lunch and were ready to just sip, nibble and relax).

We found the Cornish pasties delicious, and a great bargain, in a lot of places (even outside of Cornwall), as well as the individual-serving quiches (hot and ready to eat) at the French Delices fast food stops in the tube stations - our main one was Victoria near our hotel, but we saw them in all the stations. During a visit to Oxford, we stopped at an appealing small sandwich shop/bakery and got wonderful sandwiches and a dessert to share for less than 5 GBP. So we felt that it just took a bit of looking and flexibility and a bit of luck to really enjoy the food there without breaking the bank. If we happened into a place that appeared to have good food at good prices, we might decide to have our main meal there and eat lighter in the evening. It worked for us.

You will love England. This was my fifth or sixth visit, and I can never imagine running out of wonderful things to do or places to experience. Just go with your eyes and your heart open and your hand on your wallet.

Lou in Lakeway, TX