Subject: Re: Travelling business class to Europe
Hi Lucy,

Since you've flown BA's biz class, you know how nice those sleeper seats are. However, I'd like to mention one thing that you may not be aware of and that's BA's wonderful Arrival lounge in Heathrow. If you're going to have a few hours between connecting flights (as I did on my BA flight to Paris a few months ago), you'll have a wonderful lounge with complimentary showers, breakfast, internet access and even massages! So, that might be a consideration for you if there's going to be some waiting time between flights.

I've never flown on KLM - but you do get one of their porcelain miniature houses as a gift. I've never flown on Lufthansa but people don't generally give it rave reviews.

I recommend going to the individual airline's websites and looking up their Biz Class services. Most of the websites have photo's of the seats with dimensions and pitch info, even menu's and wine lists are sometimes posted. Also, be sure to note the differences between the planes - you don't want to think you're going to be in a great sleeper seat and then find out, once boarded, that your route is using one of the older planes that hasn't been updated. This can happen on Air France - so ask questions before you book. I like AF alot, but on some planes, their Biz Class is not up to par.

I just returned from our Baltic cruise and flew Biz Class on Finn Air to Copenhagen and then home on Swiss Air. Both were wonderful, so if they're in your mileage choices, I recommend them them as well.

Candice NYC