Subject: Re: Weekend Getaways
Hi Tom -

Susan and I have gone to London three times and Paris twice for a long weekend from Boston, and we have plans to go to Paris again over Columbus Day weekend this year. I think it's a great way to spend a long weekend, and you're right that there are some great deals.

I find that we have plenty of time to do a lot over a long weekend. When we go to London, we usually try to get theatre tickets for two nights (not the first night though). We go to museums, and try to see places we haven't seen before. I find it impossible to run out of things to do in London. One thing we always do is take several walking tours with London Walks ( It is a wonderful way to see familiar and unfamiliar parts of London, and learn much more than we ever would walking around on our own.

Go for it!!

Jamie Natick, MA