Subject: Back from London and Paris
Hi all, Just back yesterday from our London-Paris trip. Could not have had a better time! It was great fun. The weather mostly cooperated in both cities and even though the dollar was doing awful and everything was expensive, we decided to think of the pounds and euros as 1-1 with the dollar and not worry about it. I refused to take the joy out of being in London and Paris for just a few dollars.

We took a Tauck tour originally and added days in both cities on our own. It was a great choice. The tour gave us a good orientation and an idea of what we wanted to see by ourselves later.

Tauck coordinates well and everywhere we went, the lines were short or non existent. The group all got along well too. I'll be posting restaurants and other good stuff in the next few days.

Saw Vin Diesel in front of Buckingham Palace and the Queen leaving Westmister Abbey. George and I enjoyed the museums, pubs, plays and more in both cities.

I talked to a few in the group about the 'zine and we will hopefully have some new members.

Happy to be back home...but... already planning the next jaunt.

Marta & George Tamarac FL